• Twelve 16-Man Teams divided into 2 divisions (USA division and Europe division) of 6 teams each.
  • Player Draft – 4 A players, 8 B players, and 4 C players are drafted onto each team.

Format of Play

Three rounds are planned for Saturday and two for Sunday. The first round Saturday will be better ball of partners, and the final two rounds on Saturday will be alternate shot.

On Sunday, the first round will be better ball of pairs, and the final round will be singles matches.


  • Two 9-Hole Rounds of Alternate Shot – 1 pt. for a win – ½ point for a half  
  • Eight 2-man teams
  • Max. Points = 8 per round X 2 rounds = 16 points
  • All 16 players play.
  • Two 9-Hole Rounds of Better Balls of Partners – 1 pt. for a win – ½ point for a half  
  • Eight 2-man teams
  • Max. Points = 8 per round X 2 rounds = 16 points
  • All 16 players play.
  • One 9-Hole Round of Singles Matches – 1 pt. for a win – ½ point for a half  
  • 16 Singles Matches
  • Max. Points = 16 points
  • Total Team Points Possible = 48.

If two teams are tied after the 5 matches, the first tie breaker would be head-to-head competition. If the teams are still tied, then the team with the most Ups overall would be the winner.

Example: Team 2 and Team 4 each have 20 points and when they played each other they each won 2 points, but Team 4 won one of its matches by one more hole, thus, Team 4 would win the division. This approach makes winning by a larger margin important and keeps everyone playing hard even when they are losing.

The winning team in each division will be declared champion (Europe or USA).


The playoff for the Ryder Cup will commence immediately on Course 1, Hole 18 following singles matches and once two division champions are declared. All players will play a one-hole singles match. The captain with the most points during the event will make the first selection. The other captain will be required to match a player from the same grouping up against the first captain’s two picks (i.e. an A Player from team 1 will play against any of the A players from team 2) thus creating the first foursome. Then the captain that selected second will make the next two consecutive picks creating the second foursome. The captains will continue selecting players until all players have played or until one team gets enough points to win.

During the playoff there will be an A Players’ tee, a B Players’ tee, and a C Players’ tee.

Each match is worth one point. The first team to 8.5 points is the winner. All other players and spouses/significant others are encouraged to gather around the 18th hole and watch the exciting finish over the water! Live results will be posted to add to the excitement.

Sudden Death

If the playoff ends in an 8-8 tie, then the captains will be able to select any player they wish to compete in a sudden death format. The captains will continue to select players until a winner is decided.

Members of each division champion team will receive a replica Ryder Cup trophy. The overall winners will also have their names engraved on the Raymond S. Kosowski Memorial Ryder Cup Trophy on display in the Golf Shop.